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Digital Marketing Consultant

Be Transparent and Provide Value

Good advice is hard to get, and results can be hard to track. I want to make it easier for business owners and marketers to understand which channels and campaigns work best for them. I believe collaboration is key, and when starting with a new client, I leverage both my digital marketing expertise and my client's industry knowledge to build intentional, focused programs that drive results. I strongly believe in ongoing education, and regularly seek out new marketing technologies, strategies and opportunities to build upon prior success.

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About Me

As a reluctant Type A identifier, I am always looking to be more efficient and learn new things. I have experience leading national and international digital marketing efforts for SaaS technology companies, Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and small businesses of all kinds.

I am committed to analytical problem solving, teamwork and uncovering new opportunities that foster growth. I thoroughly enjoy launching new initiatives and campaigns to help clients grow their businesseses and provide an optimal return on their marketing spend. For more information on my professional background please visit my LinkedIn page.

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